Monday, January 9, 2017



Our February speaker will be Brad Jalbert of Select Roses​, and he has offered to bring bags of his specially-formulated fertilizer for sale to members.

We will have a sign-up sheet at this Thursday's meeting (January 12th) for anyone who is interested.

Brad advises that "a 10 kg bag is ample fertilizer for a well-planted city lot garden." It is "natural-based" but not fully organic because of the trace elements in the mix. 


Here is his description:

Select Rose Food (VRS Special Blend) (21-9-15) 10kg - $30.00​
( New improved blend)
·         A premium, natural-based fertilizer. 
·         Custom formulated to promote abundant blossoms and enrich the soil.
·         Naturally slow-releasing with added supplements.
·         Contains all the trace elements your roses need.

The days of feeding high "middle" number fertilizers are long gone. Studies and experience have proven that in areas of high rainfall what roses and many other plants need each spring is Nitrogen. After testing our soil again this year and seeing results of many other soil tests, it's become apparent that the vast majority of our garden soils are very high in Phosphorous (middle number on the bag) and low in N. I have tested this new blend over many seasons and am pleased with the results. The roses fed the high N had better foliage, stronger canes, more basal breaks and more flowers. Rich green healthy foliage is what makes pretty rose flowers, not excess amounts of P or an imbalance in soil fertility. Feeding the proper amount of N to your roses, higher than we have in the past, will help the roses flourish. It will NOT encourage blind shoots or any other old tale for that matter. If in doubt, test your soil. This custom blend for Select Roses and the VRS is  developed especially for us by the local company Terralink Horticulture. They are experts at custom blending fertilizer for the agriculture industry and have improved this latest blend once again. Use about one handful per plant, 2-3 times a season. I use this fertilizer on ALL my shrubs, perennials, and even the lawn!

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